1st ACCEPTANCE. - The realization of any reservation supposes the acceptance of these general conditions.

- Before arrival, the client will have to sign the digital rental contract and register guests online through the link that will be provided.

- Check In will take place from 3:00 p.m.

- Check Out will be carried out until 11:00 a.m.

2nd DESTINATION OF THE PROPERTY. - The Property is rented exclusively for temporary stay use, other than housing. Failure by the Lessee to comply with the provisions of this Clause will give rise to the full resolution of the Contract, without prejudice to compensation for damages that may correspond to the Lessor.

3rd ASSIGNMENT AND SUBLETTING. - The Lessee may not sublet, totally or partially, the Property or assign this Agreement without the express written consent of the Lessor.

For its part, the Lessor may freely assign, totally or partially, the rights and obligations derived for it by virtue of this Agreement, for which purpose the Lessee grants its express consent.

4th OCCUPANTS. - The person making the reservation must be of legal age and is responsible for the accuracy of the data entered.

Regardless of the maximum number of guests that the house can host, during the period of stay, only the number of people listed in the reservation can stay in the house. To add any extra person to the reservation, it must be communicated to the owner, authorized and the difference paid, when appropriate.

5th ACCESS TO THE PROPERTY. - The Lessee will allow the Lessor or the persons designated by the Lessor to access the Property to verify proper compliance with the obligations set forth in this Contract, as well as to carry out any verification or repair of facilities or common elements that pass through it, prior communication of these visits 24 hours in advance.

However, the Lessor may access the Property in situations of extreme urgency or need, and must mediate as much advance notice as possible depending on the circumstances that occur.

The client is informed that our staff will access the swimming pool and garden area on a weekly basis to carry out cleaning and maintenance tasks.

6th HOUSING DELIVERY. - At the end of this Contract, the client must vacate the Property in the same conditions of state, hygiene, operation and cleanliness at the beginning of their stay.

Failure to clean the Property at the time of delivery will entitle the Lessor to deduct the amount of €30.00 for each hour of cleaning that is necessary.

Likewise, at the end of this Contract, the Tenant must deliver to the Landlord all the sets of keys of the Property that he had received. Failure to comply with this obligation will entitle the Lessor to claim the amount of €100.00.

The delay in the delivery of the Property on the agreed date and conditions will accrue daily compensation, not substitute for damages, equivalent to twice the daily Rent agreed until the date on which the eviction occurs. The payment of this amount will not imply the right of the Tenant to continue using the Property, nor will it in any way prevent the Landlord from exercising the actions it considers to achieve the eviction of the same.

The amounts indicated in the preceding paragraphs may be claimed without prejudice to the Landlord's right to be compensated by the Tenant for any other damages caused.

7th USE AND RESPONSIBILITY. - The Tenant is strictly PROHIBITED:


• The possession of all kinds of animals in the Property, unless you have prior authorization.

• Smoking inside the Property.

• The installation in the Property of machinery or devices that, due to their noise, odors or vibrations, could cause inconvenience to the neighbors and/or occupants of adjoining properties or that form part, where appropriate, of the Community of Owners.

• The storage or possession of any type of explosive, flammable, unhealthy, harmful or dangerous substances or merchandise.

The Lessee will be responsible not only for their own acts but also for those committed by the occupants of the Property, both for the purposes of contractual resolution, and for the obligation to compensate the damages that may have been caused to the Lessor.

Failure to comply with any of these obligations will entitle the Lessor to terminate the Contract, endorsing the amount received as Reserve, Deposit and/or Rent.

8th WORKS. - The Lessee may not carry out works on the Property or its facilities without the prior express and written authorization of the Lessor. Failure to comply with this obligation will result in the automatic and full termination of the Contract. At the end of the lease, the Landlord may choose between requiring the Tenant to remove the works carried out, or that these remain for the benefit of the Property, without compensation or indemnity in any of the cases.

The repairs that are necessary to keep the home in habitable conditions to serve the agreed use, will be at the expense of the Lessor, except for maintenance due to use, deterioration or damage that is attributable to the Lessee. The performance of works by the Lessor in the Property will not entitle the Lessee to demand compensation or indemnity of any kind.

9th CONTRACT RESOLUTION. - The breach by any of the Parties of the obligations contracted in this Contract, will entitle the other to choose to demand its fulfillment or to urge the resolution of the Contract, in both cases with the corresponding compensation for damages (this without prejudice to the subsistence of the obligation of compliance, in case of opting for its requirement).

 In particular, the following will be considered causes of resolution that will empower the Lessor to request the resolution of the contract as a matter of law:

• Failure to pay Rent or any other amount resulting from this Agreement.

• Non-compliance by the Lessee with the use or destination of the Property.

• The assignment of the contract or the sublease of the Property without the express prior written authorization of the Lessor.

• Any other breach of the Tenant's obligations resulting from this Agreement.

 In no case will it be mandatory to make a prior request for compliance, nor can the passage of time be interpreted as a waiver by the Lessor of the exercise of the rights and/or actions that correspond to it under the Contract.

10th MODIFICATIONS. - In case of force majeure, we reserve the right to change housing for one with similar characteristics or superior to the one contracted by the client. These changes will have no cost to the customer.

11th CANCELLATION. - In case of cancellation request by the client, the cancellation policy established on the website through which the client has formalized their reservation will be applied.

12th CLAIMS. - There are complaint forms available to the client in our offices.

13th DATA PROTECTION. - All data requested is as part of the contract:

The parties are reciprocally entitled to process the data by virtue of the contractual relationship that unites them. Both undertake to adopt the necessary technical and organizational measures that guarantee the security of the data or files to which they have access due to the provision of their services and in the scope of this contract, avoiding their alteration, loss, dissemination, treatment or unauthorized access to third parties outside this contractual relationship.

The data in possession of the parties will be used solely and exclusively for the development of the activities of the provision of the service, and for the fulfillment of the provisions of this contract, during the term of this contract and its extensions or while obligation and legal power persist for its maintenance.

For the correct and efficient development of our activities, the data may be transferred to ELRON VILLAS & LUXURY S.L.U. solely by and for the purposes of our activity. ELRONDAGUEL S.L., consents to such assignment. They may also be transferred to third parties in cases where there is a legal obligation to do so. Elrondaguel S.L. is not responsible for the processing of data by the third party.

The parties agree that Icnea Tecnología SL (Calle Mandri 38, 08022, Barcelona, ​​Spain) will act as a trusted third party and have custody of the contract records.

To exercise rights related to data processing, it is reported that the Treatment Manager of ELRONDAGUEL S.L. is: ELRONDAGUEL S.L., Calle Botavara 7, Residencial Franzac II, Office 1, 38670, Adeje, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain. Telephone: 922 782 789. Email: administracion@elrondaguel.es

14th AUTHORIZATION OF PROMOTIONAL COMMUNICATIONS. - The client authorizes us to send commercial communications about our products and services. If you do not wish to receive our information, please contact us by sending an email to administracion@elrondaguel.es

16th APPLICABLE LAW. OUT. - This contract will be governed and interpreted first and foremost by the provisions contained in the Contract itself. In addition, and even though it would be excluded from the application of Law 29/1994, of November 24, on Urban Leases ("LAU") in accordance with the provisions of its Art. 5.e), the parties state his will that this contract be completed, in what is not established in it and in what is not contradictory with it, by the provisions of Title III of the LAU.

The Parties, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by law, expressly submit to the jurisdiction of the courts and tribunals of the judicial district where the Property is located, the resolution of any controversy or claim that may arise with respect to the interpretation or execution of the Contract, including those referring to non-contractual obligations arising from it or related to it.